Spinal cord ASIA Score:

A tool to assess function after SCI, on a scale from A (complete, no motor or sensory function) through E (normal motor and sensory)

The doctors diagnosed Taylor as ASIA A? Interesting.

She has some motor sensory and working on more.

After Taylor's accident in June 2016 they diagnosed her as a complete injury. When she was released from RIC, we then had an evaluation at Shriners hospital in October 2016. She was then changed to an incomplete injury because they saw and felt some movement in her legs and feet.

After being with them for 2 years and seeing improvement they have her marked as a complete injury again and said they never changed her first diagnosis?!.

What I am finding out is these places are controlled by doctors and insurance companies. They do therapy to help you live in a wheelchair the rest of your life even though we have told them her goal of regaining movement and some day walking again.

In my opinion complete or incomplete diagnosis should be based on if your spinal cord was severed or not.

I absolutely despise this test.

If you or someone you love has an SCI and wants to walk again or has bigger goals you may need to do research on your own. Doctors and the medical industry give up on you. They don't believe in miracles. Well I do. We all see them happen.

Why can Taylor or you be one of them?

Taylor goes inpatient to Shriners for 2 weeks but will continue with Next Steps in Willow Springs because they believe in activity based therapy and give people HOPE.



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