Dear close minded Doctors, (future doctors please read this)

My name is Jenny Dagostino and my daughter had an accident June 8, 2016. From the moment the first MRI was done you said she would never walk again.

Why would you tell a young,  healthy,  positive 16 year old that?


Afraid of being sued? Well shame on you. Have ever been sued for killing someone's dreams and taking away hope? You should be.  Again shame on you.

Do you have any morals? What is wrong with you?

How does that make you feel when you speak those words to another human being?


What happened to miracles? What happened to hope? Were you taught that at all?

We were so excited to walk in to the surgeons office and show him the progress that she has made and what did you Do? You told her well yeah sorry but the odds are against you....

What the hell is wrong with you?

That appointment, those words that you spoke, ruined our whole day .....

I bet it didn't affect you at all. And I was a fool to let it get to me.

What happens when a miracle happens? What do doctors say to that? They can't because it's against what they are taught and practice.

Have you ever heard being kind, caring, compassionate? Having respect? Giving hope and never giving up?You may have a degree but you have no manners.

You need to take personal development classes and learn how to talk to people and give them a little bit of hope!!!!!! Is that so wrong to ask? Your bedside manner sucks.

I know everyone is different out there and some Do not believe in miracles or hope but we Do and I will find doctors who believe in Taylor.

I will go to the end of the earth to help my daughter walk again! I believe in miracles, and we have hope and faith!

This is my recommendation to all the doctors out there when you are seeing patients. Please say this instead,

" I can't say you WILL or you Won't, but you Never know. If you stay positive your mind will help heal your body in ways you can't even imagine.

Your brain is a powerful tool! Feed it Right...Have hope, faith, love, courage and strength and NEVER EVER GIVE UP TRYING!!!!!"

Now wouldn't that be a better response,  Dr. M?

Take care,

Jenny Grass Dagostino

(A very determined mom of 4  and daughter team that will prove you wrong)

To all of the families out there dealing with the situation please print this off and look at it everyday you do not have to give up.

Feel free to share this with anyone who has given up.  Your mind is POWERFUL!   Now go get that fight back 💪