I met a young girl with a disability.  I found out her mom couldn't handle it,  so she has a new mom now.

I met a boy at Shriners and he seemed kinda down. My friend told me that last year him and his friends were just hanging out,  leaning up against some rocks and one of the boulders came loose and fell on top of him. His friends dragged him out but he now lives in a wheelchair.

Yesterday,  I helped feed a beautiful girl some food because she can't.  (Amazing girl)

What if this never happened to Taylor?

Do you know before Taylor got hurt I was so busy working that I wasn't living life. I was ignorant to see the world. To see people with disabilities. To see people in wheelchairs. To be able to feel for the parents.  To help feed someone who can't feed herself.

There is no way that you can understand what someone else is going through until you are going through something yourself. You have never truly lived until you've helped someone else in this world.

Stop complaining about your life if you have 2 arms., 2 legs,  and your health.

I would never wish this to happen to us but it has opened up my eyes and let me experience life in a whole new way and for that I am truly grateful. My heart is full!

Think your life sucks? Go visit a children's hospital and see them smile.

(If you know someone in your life who is constantly complaining share this message with them and hopefully it will start opening up their eyes. )

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